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Blister Cards

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Our blister card printing and clamshell insert printing capabilities let us give you the complete blister pack and clamshell packaging solution. You do not have to call multiple vendors to make sure the card size and blister or clamshell match perfectly.

With our unique blister card printing, and clamshell inserts printing solution you do not have to pay for any cutting dies, or printing plates. you are not restricted to our existing cutting die sizes. All you need to furnish is artwork with color separations according to our specs, and you do not have any additional charges. We also make custom or stock folding cartons from kraft to multi colors.

Key Benefits:

  • FAST turnaround(1-2week).
  • low minimum on blister cards and clamshell inserts
  • Excellent product display.
  • Solvent and water-based heat seal coatings available.
  • Solvent and water-based heat seal coatings available.
  • Four-color process and PMS line colors.
  • Special match colors available.
  • SBS and recycled stocks in single white and double white.
  • Special calipers available.
  • Dedicated and Combo run availability.
  • Die cutting: per customer specification